The leading institution for aquafitness training.
Based in Italy, but with a national and international reach, we are a beacon of excellence in water fitness education.

Every year, thousands of enthusiasts and professionals choose our courses and programs to stay updated and competitive in the industry.
Our guarantee is our uniqueness and scientific rigor.
Join us, your career starts here.


With over 30 training options including courses and events, nationally recognized certifications endorsed by CONI, and internationally acknowledged certifications worldwide, locations throughout Italy, exclusive partnerships, and thousands of collaborations for the placement of new instructors. 
We offer comprehensive and constantly updated training that meets the needs of the sports market.


Our faculty is comprised of graduates in sports science, kinesiologists, posturologists, educators, psychomotor therapists, managers, and professionals with international experience. 
We emphasize a pragmatic approach, balancing theory, practice, and experience because at Euroeducation Aqua, we say what we do and do what we say!
We believe in training that makes a difference.


Your passport to the world of Aquafitness. Acquire internationally recognized skills and make your career in water fitness shine. Join us and become a certified professional with national and international recognition. The gateway to success opens here!

  • ASI Certification Recognized by CONI
  • International AEA Certification
  • EOE School Leader Certification in Italy


Unlock your potential in Aquafitness with our services.
We offer a comprehensive range of courses, workshops, and events for aspiring instructors and industry professionals.
Our mission is to turn your passion for fitness into a successful career.
Join us for a unique educational journey guided by industry experts and open the doors to your future in the world of Aquafitness!

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179.00€ / person
Aquafitness Instructor Modulo 1

Aquafitness Instructor Modulo 1

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2x lesson
179.00€ / person
Aquafitness Instructor Modulo 2

Aquafitness Instructor Modulo 2

0 enrolled
2x lesson


Our staff consists of passionate aquafitness experts ready to guide you in your professional growth.
We are here to share our expertise and inspire you to achieve new milestones in the world of water and fitness.



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